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Dr.Phil :) Thats me!

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1Dr.Phil :) Thats me! Empty Dr.Phil :) Thats me! on Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:37 pm


Hello My name is Phillip, I'm 17 years old. Playing My char DexlessDK lvl 105 atm when i joined the guild.
As you notice in my name I'm a DragonKnight and DK also means I'm from Denmark Razz so yee Razz I'm kinda smart Very Happy
I have been playing maplestory since Maple Global Beta and started at Ems a few months after beta version.
Lvl 105 is my main, ( I also have experience playing a hermit untill lvl 76 Gms )

mmh i think that's all about me Razz

Oh no wait.......

I like cookies Razz

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