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Maple being a serious problem all over the globe

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This is just random so thought I'd just share..

A real life married couple who played maple. Apparently the husband married someone else in the game so the wife got pissed. She deleted his character. The husband then filed a privacy violation case against his wife.

Somewhere (sorry i forgot the place xD)
A guy died due to 4 days non-stop mapling. No drink no eat. Died of malnutrition or sth like that.

One guy got sent to jail cus he played maple 24/7. So he was being inactive and got sent to jail =/

Kids all over the world have been caught stealing credit cards from parents to buy NX.

My NX seller, a 10 year old girl, she got cornered at a spot and had her NX card taken by some guys. After that, the ****ing bastards beat her up.


aww this is so sad for some peoples dont know when they must stop.Thx for sharing with us Noyo Smile

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