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Forum for the guild Fantasy in EMS.

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I Miss You Guys <3

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1I Miss You Guys <3 Empty I Miss You Guys <3 Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:09 am



Hey, how are you all doing? I'm sorry I didnt say my goodbye's properly in-game as i thought I will be active again. For those who know and doesn't know, I am on my 2nd year in University so Mapling is my least priority at the moment.I have deleted maple from my laptop (pservers and ems)to avoid the temptation of going 'no-life' with grinding xD . I hope you guys have fun in-game and i'll keep in touch either here or msn. I might be active again over the holidays and hopefully ill see some old and new friendly faces then. All the best!

Nhi & Jose - Keep up the good work with the guild! It's definitely one of the best. I miss you lovebirds, dont argue alot!! I love you

Patrik - Patriiiiiiiiiiik! Im sorry i havent kept my promise of being active again Sad

Gabs&Fru - I will miss the nail fetish Razz good luck to you both

Mads - I miss you loove! that says it all Crying or Very sad

Jip, Ty, Fraz, Flowerman (forgot ur rl name xD, but i rmmber u being great!), etc.. and those people i havent had the chance to meet - Have fun! All the best to you



2I Miss You Guys <3 Empty we miss you much too <3 Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:31 pm



Sry for late reply.But im not much in forum.we miss u much and was hoping u bck to maple soon but now read this then i know u wont be bck soon with us.Well we trying our best to keep the guild and we wish everything best to u with what u doing and will do.Hope u bck with us soon.Love from us<3

3I Miss You Guys <3 Empty Re: I Miss You Guys <3 Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:25 pm


Karennn<3 i miss you :3
U might get a real picture when ur back :3

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