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Forum for the guild Fantasy in EMS.

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Hope u guys read this and suppost ur guildies :)

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This is so weird
Date : 01.11.2010 MapleStory > Technical Support > Bug
In progress

Dear Nexon Today it's happened so weird bug on maple.A guildie from us call Microspear lost his character for some weird reason.He went to deleted his aran then when after he clicked ok his Dark knight is gone too.That character still was in Family while it got deleted by some weird bug(we thjink).Hope nexon and all gm's see again about this bug and help him get his character's really sad for a player spend so much time and money on nexon to get to 4th job lvl 120 and all just gone in 1 second.we hopefull nexon read this and give us a answer that dont make every player love the game must be sad about some bug and leave the game.Thanks
i was sent this mail to nexon hope u guys suppost guildies and sent some words to nexon thx and have fun all



here id the answer from nexon guys lol -.-

NEXON Europe [01.11.2010]


We truly appreciate your continuous participation and support for MapleStory Europe.

We have read your email of inquiry that you have submitted to us regarding matters of your technical issue. We apologized for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. In order for us to assist you, kindly send us the following information for us to investigate your concerns.

1. Character Name
2. World & Channel
3. The time when the problem appeared
4. The map where the problem appeared
5. Detailed situation description of the problem
6. Screenshot or video of the problem

For more information, please visit our website at:

Thank you very much for understanding.

MapleStory Europe Customer Support

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